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Gluing Soles


Ciprene 2000 CR glue with 1 or 2 components. Solvent
Ciprene 2305 Unilateral CR glue. Solvent
Ciprene 2307 Cheap CR glue. Solvent
Ciprene 2603 Translucid CR glue. Solvent
Ciprene 2621 CR glue. Solvent
Ciprene 2810 CR glue, temperature resistant. Solvent
Ciprene 2812 CR glue. Solvent
Ciprene 6002 Unilateral CR glue, low toxicity. Solvent
Ciprene 6005 Low toxicity CR glue, translucid. Solvent
Ciprene 6007 Low toxicity CR glue. Solvent
Disoflex 2370 Dissolution. Solvent
Maprene 6424 Gun glue. Solvent
Plastik 2073 Transparent PU glue. Solvent
Latiflex 2403 Latex for waterproofing. Solvent
Latiflex 2873 Synthetic latex, gun system. Solvent
Latiflex 2873T Self-adhesive synthetic latex, gun system. Solvent
Latiflex 2879 Natural latex, gun system. Solvent
Amiplas 2315 Glue for edging. Grains. Solvent

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